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Did you know that the transportation sector is the second-largest source of carbon emissions in the world?

According to the UK Parliament’s emissions and temperature trends study, a shocking 25% of all global emissions are attributed to the transportation sector – only narrowly topped by electricity plants which accounted for 27%.

It’s no secret the significant effect carbon emissions are having on the planet – causing rising temperatures, threatened habitats and shrinking wildlife populations. 

However… on-demand recovery services are leading the way in reducing vehicle emissions and air pollution caused by the breakdown sector! 

Companies like Rescue Mate offer a cleaner, greener solution when drivers need recusing from the side of the road. Continue reading to find out more about on-demand recovery services…


How do on-demand breakdown services work?

Gone are the days when consumers had no choice but to pay a monthly fee for ‘peace of mind cover’ as offered by the likes of RAC and AA. 

On-demand breakdown companies are changing the way the industry works – providing drivers with a quicker, cheaper and easier alternative to roadside recovery, without the subscription.

For example, if a driver was stranded on the roadside, all they would need to do is request a recovery via the free smartphone app. This will connect them to a local garage who will be dispatched within minutes to help solve their vehicle issue.

Jason Clare, Founder and Managing Director of Rescue Mate, says: “The recovery and breakdown industry has got stuck in the Ice Age! On-demand recovery is reimagining how people request and pay for vehicle assistance – better catering to the needs of the modern consumer.”

He adds: “Drivers have peace of mind with Rescue Mate, without having to pay for it like with the big-name clubs. Consumers only pay for the exact service they need, when they need it, which works out significantly cheaper on average than monthly membership cover.”

Why is on-demand recovery more fuel efficient?

One of the main differences of Rescue Mate is that it uses smart technology to connect drivers to the nearest mechanic in the local vicinity – ensuring drivers receive the assistance they need in record time.

Whereas, the well-known breakdown corporations employ their own team of recovery staff who usually operate from only a few bases nationwide. This means stranded drivers could be attended by a mechanic from miles outside the area. 

On-demand breakdown services cut out all the unnecessary travel… resulting in fewer vehicle emissions and less air pollution. Not only can drivers enjoy a quicker service, but they can also feel good knowing that they’re helping the planet too.

Roadside assistance - on-demand breakdown services

Five amazing benefits of greener breakdown services

With climate change happening quicker than scientists ever expected, we all have a moral responsibility to protect our planet as best we can. On-demand breakdown services are helping to do just that, delivering these five incredible benefits which positively impact people and the environment:

  1. Eliminates all unnecessary travel by connecting drivers to the nearest garage according to their location
  2. Reduces the amount of vehicle fumes that are emitted into the environment
  3. Improves air quality which can also provide substantial health benefits
  4. Helps to lower the transportation industry’s carbon footprint
  5. Enables drivers to play their part in saving the planet


Ready to switch over to on demand? You won’t regret it! Download the Rescue Mate app today from the Apple App Store or Google Play and untie yourself from expensive membership cover.