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Fitting a stop-start battery (also known as an AGM or EFB battery) in Blackpool involves finding a reliable service provider to install the battery properly. Here’s how you can go about it:

Steps to Get a Stop-Start Battery Fitted:

  1. Find a Reliable Service Provider:

    • Look for local garages, auto service centers, or battery specialists in Blackpool. Ensure they have experience with stop-start battery systems, as these are different from traditional batteries.
  2. Compare Prices and Services:

    • Contact a few service providers to compare prices and the scope of their services. Ensure they offer the specific type of stop-start battery required for your car.
  3. Check Reviews and Ratings:

    • Look for reviews and ratings of the service providers online. Websites like Google Reviews, Yelp, or automotive forums can provide insights into the quality of service.

Local Garages and Service Centers in Blackpool:

Here are a few potential places where you can get a stop-start battery fitted in Blackpool:

  1. Halfords Autocentre Blackpool:

    • Address: 1 Vicarage Ln, Blackpool FY4 4EZ, UK
    • Services: Offers a range of car maintenance services, including battery replacement for stop-start systems.
  2. Kwik Fit Blackpool:

    • Address: Talbot Rd, Blackpool FY3 7AS, UK
    • Services: Provides comprehensive auto services, including fitting AGM and EFB batteries for stop-start systems.
  3. ATS Euromaster Blackpool:

    • Address: 24 Talbot Rd, Blackpool FY1 1LF, UK
    • Services: Offers battery fitting services, including stop-start batteries.
  4. Local Independent Garages:

    • Many local independent garages in Blackpool also offer battery replacement services. It’s worth checking with them as they might provide competitive pricing and personalized service.

Contact and Book an Appointment:

  1. Call or Visit the Service Providers:

    • Contact the service providers to confirm they have the specific stop-start battery for your car model. Discuss pricing and availability.
    • Some places might allow you to book an appointment online.
  2. Prepare for the Appointment:

    • Make sure to bring any relevant vehicle information, such as the make, model, and year of your car.
    • Ensure you have any necessary codes or settings for your car’s electronics, as some cars might require reprogramming after battery replacement.
  3. Professional Installation:

    • A professional will ensure the battery is installed correctly, avoiding potential issues with your car’s stop-start system and ensuring optimal performance.

Example Contact Information:

Following these steps will help you get a stop-start battery fitted professionally in Blackpool, ensuring your car runs efficiently.

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How Mobile Car Battery Replacement Birkenhead


Determining whether you need a jumpstart or a new battery for your mobile (presumably a car) involves a few steps to diagnose the issue. Here’s what you can do to assess the situation:

Step 1: Check for Signs of Battery Issues

  1. Dim Lights: When you turn on your car, are the headlights dim? This can indicate a weak battery.
  2. Slow Crank: Does the engine crank slowly when you try to start the car?
  3. Electrical Issues: Are there issues with electrical components, such as the radio or dashboard lights?

Step 2: Attempt a Jumpstart

  1. Safety First: Ensure both vehicles are off and the keys are removed.
  2. Connect Cables: Attach the red (positive) cable to the positive terminal of the dead battery and the other red end to the positive terminal of the good battery. Attach the black (negative) cable to the negative terminal of the good battery and the other black end to an unpainted metal surface on the engine block or chassis of the dead car.
  3. Start the Working Car: Let it run for a few minutes.
  4. Start the Dead Car: Attempt to start the car with the dead battery.

Step 3: Evaluate After Jumpstart

  1. Successful Start: If the car starts, let it run for at least 20 minutes to charge the battery. If the car dies shortly after, the battery may not hold a charge.
  2. No Start: If the car does not start, the battery may be completely dead, or there may be another issue.

Step 4: Consider Battery Replacement

  1. Age of Battery: Car batteries typically last 3-5 years. If your battery is older, it may be time for a replacement.
  2. Frequent Jumpstarts Needed: If you frequently need to jumpstart your car, it’s a strong indicator that you need a new battery.
  3. Battery Test: Many auto parts stores offer free battery testing. They can check if your battery is holding a charge properly.


  • Jumpstart: Try a jumpstart first if your battery is relatively new and you haven’t had frequent issues.
  • New Battery: If the battery is old, or if a jumpstart fails to keep the car running, you likely need a new battery.

If you’re still unsure, visiting a professional mechanic for a thorough diagnosis would be a good idea.

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