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HGV Mobile Tyre Fitting

Fitting an HGV truck tyre roadside can be quite challenging due to several factors, including the size and weight of the tyres, the necessary equipment, and the safety precautions required. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the process and the difficulties involved:

1. Heavy Weight and Size of Tyres

  • Weight: HGV tyres are significantly heavier than standard vehicle tyres, often weighing over 50 kg each. Handling such weight requires physical strength and proper technique to avoid injury.
  • Size: The larger diameter and width of HGV tyres make them cumbersome to maneuver, especially in confined roadside conditions.

2. Specialized Equipment

  • Hydraulic Jacks: HGVs require heavy-duty hydraulic jacks to lift the vehicle safely off the ground. These jacks are larger and more complex to operate than those used for smaller vehicles.
  • Torque Wrenches: Proper torque settings are crucial for securing HGV tyres. Specialized torque wrenches are needed to ensure the correct tightness of wheel nuts.
  • Tyre Levers and Bead Breakers: Removing and fitting HGV tyres often require heavy-duty tyre levers and bead breakers, which are more robust than those used for regular vehicles.

3. Technical Expertise

  • Correct Fitment: Ensuring the tyre is correctly fitted and balanced requires technical knowledge. Incorrect fitment can lead to safety hazards such as tyre blowouts or uneven wear.
  • Safety Procedures: Technicians must follow strict safety procedures to prevent accidents, including using wheel chocks, placing warning triangles, and ensuring the vehicle is stable before starting work.

4. Environmental Conditions

  • Weather: Adverse weather conditions like rain, snow, or extreme heat can complicate the fitting process and pose additional safety risks.
  • Roadside Safety: Working on a busy road adds another layer of danger. Technicians must remain vigilant to passing traffic and work quickly yet safely.

5. Emergency Situations

  • Urgency: In emergency roadside situations, speed is of the essence. Technicians must work efficiently to minimize downtime while ensuring all safety protocols are followed.
  • Unpredictable Locations: Roadside environments can be unpredictable and less controlled than a workshop, making it more challenging to perform the task smoothly.

Detailed Steps Involved

  1. Securing the Vehicle:

    • Use wheel chocks and place warning triangles.
    • Ensure the vehicle is on a stable surface.
  2. Lifting the Vehicle:

    • Position and operate the hydraulic jack to lift the HGV.
    • Secure the vehicle with jack stands.
  3. Removing the Damaged Tyre:

    • Use a torque wrench to loosen and remove the wheel nuts.
    • Employ tyre levers and bead breakers to remove the tyre from the rim.
  4. Fitting the New Tyre:

    • Position the new tyre on the rim.
    • Use the bead breaker and levers to fit the tyre correctly.
    • Inflate the tyre to the correct pressure.
  5. Reattaching the Wheel:

    • Secure the wheel nuts using a torque wrench, ensuring proper torque settings.
    • Lower the vehicle and perform a final inspection.


  • TyreSafe explains the importance of correct tyre fitting and the specialized tools required.
  • ATS Euromaster provides insights into the complexity of mobile tyre fitting services for commercial vehicles.
  • Michelin Truck Tyres details the procedures and safety measures necessary for HGV tyre maintenance.

In summary, fitting an HGV truck tyre roadside is a challenging task that requires specialized equipment, technical expertise, and strict adherence to safety protocols. It’s a job best left to professional mobile tyre fitting services, especially in emergency situations.

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