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HGV Mobile Tyre Fitting

Fitting HGV truck tyres roadside involves a well-coordinated process to ensure safety, efficiency, and minimal downtime for the vehicle. Here’s a detailed overview of how this process typically works:

1. Booking the Service

Contacting the Provider:

  • Phone or Online Booking: Contact the mobile tyre fitting service provider through their hotline or website. Provide details about the tyre issue and your exact location.
  • Details Needed: You will need to provide the make and model of the truck, tyre size, and specific problem (e.g., puncture, blowout).

2. Technician Dispatch


  • Technician Assignment: The service provider assigns a qualified technician to your case. They ensure the technician is equipped with the correct tyres and tools for your vehicle.
  • Estimated Time of Arrival: You will receive an estimated time of arrival (ETA), usually within 60-90 minutes depending on your location and the provider’s availability.

3. On-Site Service

Safety Precautions:

  • Vehicle Securing: The technician ensures the truck is safely parked and secured, often using wheel chocks and placing warning triangles to alert other drivers.
  • Assessment: The technician inspects the damaged tyre and assesses whether it needs repair or replacement.

Tyre Replacement or Repair:

  • Jack and Lift: The technician uses a hydraulic jack to lift the truck safely.
  • Remove Old Tyre: The damaged tyre is removed using appropriate tools.
  • Fit New Tyre: The new tyre is fitted, ensuring it matches the specifications of the vehicle.
  • Balancing: The tyre is balanced to ensure smooth operation and prevent uneven wear.

Final Checks:

  • Inflation: The new tyre is inflated to the correct pressure as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Inspection: A thorough inspection is conducted to ensure the tyre is fitted correctly and securely.

4. Payment and Documentation


  • Clean-Up: The technician clears any debris and ensures the old tyre is disposed of properly.
  • Payment: Payment is processed, often on-site via mobile card readers or online.
  • Documentation: You receive a receipt and any relevant warranty information for the new tyre.

5. Benefits of Roadside Tyre Fitting


  • Time-Saving: You don’t need to tow the vehicle to a garage, which saves time and money.
  • Flexible Service: Available 24/7, making it convenient for emergency situations.


  • Professional Service: Trained technicians handle the process, ensuring safety standards are met.
  • Reduced Risk: Immediate assistance reduces the risk of further damage to the vehicle or accidents.


  • Minimized Downtime: Quick response times mean your vehicle is back on the road faster.
  • Fleet Management: Useful for fleet operators needing to maintain multiple vehicles efficiently.
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