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Mobile Car Battery Replacement

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Mobile Car Battery Replacement Service

Rescuemate offers a mobile car battery replacement service, providing customers with efficient and convenient roadside assistance. The service is available 24/7, aimed at assisting drivers who encounter unexpected battery problems while on the road, whether at home or at work. Rescuemate prioritises customer satisfaction by offering a 30-minute response time, bringing specialised equipment, and trained technicians right to the driver’s location. The technicians can also perform on-the-spot diagnostic tests to determine the root of the issue with the battery and offer a replacement if necessary. The quality of the batteries is guaranteed, with various battery brands available, depending on the customer’s preference and vehicle requirements. Rescuemate’s mobile car battery replacement service is an excellent choice for drivers who need quick and reliable roadside assistance that prioritises their convenience and satisfaction.

Mobile Battery Installation - How It Works

Enter Your Details

Enter you vehicle registration and and full details to request help from one of our specialists.

Choose a Battery

An agent will call with a selection of suitable battery options, simply book you’re preferred date and time of fitting.

The Battery Fitting

A friendly agent will call 20 minutes prior to arrival. All work is carried out by certified specialists quickly and efficiently.

Your battery benefits include:

Mobile Tyre Fitting

A 3-year warranty

Rescuemate Batteries are backed by a 5-year total warranty. If the battery fails within the first three years, you will receive a free replacement. After three years, you are protected by our prorated guarantee.

Mobile Tyre Fitting

Eco Friendly Vans

We use AdBlue which is fed into the exhaust of all our vans, reacting with the nitrogen oxide gas produced by the combustion process, breaking it down into harmless nitrogen and oxygen. We are aware that emission levels in cities throughout the UK are at dangerous levels in certain areas.

Free disposal

After you have had your battery replaced by CAA, our mobile Battery Service will properly and responsibly dispose of your old battery at no additional cost to you. If you choose to keep the old battery core, a fee will be applied to your invoice.

The Benefits Of Using a Mobile Car Battery Fitting Service

Using a mobile car battery fitting service can be very beneficial to car owners. The primary benefit is the convenience of the service, as the technician comes to the customer’s location to replace the battery. This means that car owners do not have to risk driving with a faulty battery, which could cause further damage to their vehicle. Mobile battery fitting services are also available outside of regular working hours, making it easy for customers to schedule a battery replacement at a time that suits them.

Another benefit of using a mobile car battery fitting service is the expertise of the technician. These professionals are experienced and trained in replacing car batteries, ensuring a quick and efficient service. Additionally, most mobile battery fitting services offer a warranty on the battery installation, providing peace of mind for the customer. Overall, using a mobile car battery fitting service is an easy, efficient, and reliable way to replace a car battery.

How do I find out which car battery I need?

Simply enter your postcode above, then your registration on the following page and we’ll identify which batteries are suitable for your vehicle. We stock a huge range of batteries to suit almost all makes and models, so chances are we’ll have a battery to suit your needs.

To find out which car battery you need, you will need to check the vehicle’s owner manual to find the correct specifications for the battery, including the voltage, ah (amp hours), and cca (cold cranking amps). These specifications will determine which battery is suitable for your vehicle.

You can also check your existing car battery to determine the specifications and brand of the battery. Another option is to visit a local auto parts store or mechanic who can help you find the right battery for your vehicle based on its make, model, and year. Finally, you can also research and compare different brands and types of car batteries online to find the best option for your vehicle.

Mobile Battery Fitting Service How It Works

We have a mobile battery installation team that can install car or van batteries at your home or workplace on all makes and models of vehicles.

Mobile battery fitting service allows customers to have their car battery replaced at their location of choice. The process typically involves contacting the service provider to schedule an appointment and provide information about the make and model of the car. The service provider will then dispatch a technician who will arrive at the agreed location with a new battery and the necessary tools to install it. The technician will remove the old battery and replace it with the new one, ensuring that it is securely installed and connected. The technician may also conduct a battery diagnostic test to ensure that the vehicle’s charging system is functioning properly. Once the installation is complete, the technician will dispose of the old battery and provide the customer with a receipt or invoice for the service.

Stop Start Battery Replacements

Stop-start battery replacements are designed to work with vehicles that have a stop-start system. This system works by shutting off the engine when the car is idle, such as waiting at a stoplight, and restarting it when the accelerator is pressed. This is done to save fuel and reduce emissions. However, it can put additional strain on the battery, as it is being started and stopped more frequently than in a traditional vehicle.

That’s where stop-start battery replacements come in. They are designed to provide more frequent and reliable starts, with a longer lifespan than traditional batteries. They typically use enhanced cycling capability and specialized materials, such as lead-carbon, to withstand the demands of the stop-start system.

When it comes to replacing a stop-start battery, it’s important to match the replacement battery to the specific make and model of the vehicle. This will ensure that it is compatible with the stop-start system and able to provide optimal performance and lifespan.

Car Battery Reprogramming How It Works

Car battery reprogramming involves resetting the battery’s state of charge to give it a new lease of life. With constant use, car batteries tend to lose their ability to hold a full charge, resulting in diminished performance and ultimately a dead battery. Reprogramming restores the battery’s original charge capacity, making it perform like new.

Reprogramming is done using a specialized tool that connects to the car’s diagnostic port. The tool reads the battery’s memory, which stores critical data like the state of charge, and analyzes the information to determine how best to reset it. The process involves resetting the battery’s “learning” mode, which helps it relearn how to store and deliver power more effectively.

Reprogramming can help extend the life of your car battery, saving you the cost of having to replace it. The process is relatively quick and straightforward, with some experts recommending that you do it every year to keep your battery performing optimally.

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