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As a responsible UK motorist, you already take great care of your tyres, but sometimes, life can throw curveball at you and you could get a puncture, a blowout or other damage while you’re on the road.

One option for solving the problem is to replace the blown tyre with your spare and drive (slowly) along to your nearest tyre garage to have a new one fitted. Alternatively, you can stay where you are and have the tyre – and the fitter – come to you!
Mobile tyre fitting brighton
Mobile tyre fitting brighton
The biggest advantage is that it’s very convenient. You might be miles from anywhere and need help, or you could discover a slow puncture as you pull into your workplace car park. Having your tyre fitter come to you makes life so much easier; you don’t have to limp to the garage after work or change a wheel in a rainy layby.

Mobile tyre fitters often offer emergency services

This is especially useful late at night or when you’re on your way to somewhere important. It can also be handy on those days when you really don’t feel up to ringing around local garages to find an appointment.

Mobile tyre fitting can be cheaper than a garage

Mobile tyre fitters tend to work independently and so they might not have the same overheads as a physical garage, which means they can offer their services for a lower price than a garage. This doesn’t mean they’re offering an inferior service, it’s just that they can afford to be competitive.

What sort of tyre does your car need?

The most important thing to consider when you’re ordering a mobile tyre fitting is the type of tyre your car will need. Your fitter will know what your car needs, as long as you tell them what make and model your car is.

You should also mention what your budget is, as well as how high your mileage will be and what sort of roads you usually drive on as this will affect the sort of tyre your fitter recommends

If you tend to drive along rough or pitted roads a lot, or along dirt tracks, then you’ll need harder-wearing tyres, for example.

When should I get my tyres replaced?

One very obvious indicator that your tyres need to be replaced is a tread-depth of less than 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of the tyre’s circumference.

If you see any visible signs of damage to the tyre, such as bulging, tears, exposed ply or similar then you should call a mobile tyre fitter to replace your tyres.

Taking care of your tyres

Tyres can last for up to 10 years, although once a tyre’s been on the road for five years you need to keep an eye on it, especially if you do a lot of miles.

Follow these tips on looking after your tyres to get the best performance and longest life from them.

Check your tyre pressures regularly

If your tyres are under-inflated then they’re more prone to wear and tear, as well as not performing well when it comes to braking and accelerating.

Get your wheels balanced regularly

This service prevents your wheels from vibrating at high speeds, which can cause excessive wear and also reduce performance.

Check your wheel alignment

A garage can do this for you, as well as realign your wheels. Poorly-aligned wheels can cause poor performance and lead to uneven and excessive wear.

Drive as smoothly as possible

Try to anticipate times when you’ll have to brake or accelerate so that you can do it gradually. If you’re in the habit of speeding up, slowing down or cornering very abruptly then you could be shortening the lifespan of your tyres.

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