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Many of us have been there – a warning light starts to blink and before you know it, your car is rumbling to a halt. Maybe you’ve got behind the wheel only for the ignition to refuse to turn over. Regardless of the scenario, breakdowns are one of the less enjoyable aspects of car ownership and what’s more, they’re becoming increasingly common. Find out more on the most expensive warranty claims from 2020.

In fact, latest research from Highways England reveals that a staggering 224,225 cars broke down between April 2018 and March 2019 in the UK, on motorways alone.
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That’s a jaw-dropping number of drivers finding themselves and their cars broken down on the side of a motorway in the space of less than a year – 25 vehicles every hour! The average waiting time for RAC breakdown recovery is one hour, so that’s 25 carloads of people waiting on a hard shoulder every hour.

The data shows that the number of UK motorway breakdowns has risen nearly 20 percent since 2014.

Contrary to what you might assume, it’s the summer months that see the most cars break down. Over 25 percent of breakdowns occurred in July, August and September compared to 22.8 percent in January, February and March.

When it comes to where the most cars are breaking down, the M1 motorway is the main hot spot, with 139,394 reported breakdowns over the previous five years, followed by the M25 and the M6.
While there are any number of things that can result in a car breakdown, there are several causes that account for the lion’s share of roadside failures. According to research from Compare the Market, these are:

1. A faulty battery
2. A problem with the alternator
3. Damaged tyres or wheel
4. Electrical faults
5. Being locked out of the car
6. Misfuelling
7. Clutch cables

Having to get one of these problems fixed by the side of the road can be an expensive business. Last year, a survey by a car repair and maintenance company revealed that UK motorists spent a massive £330million on emergency breakdown cover over the previous year – costs which many drivers could have avoided with an RAC extended warranty in place.
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