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Roadside Assistance - The Benefits

Mobile Tyre Fitting

Warranty on Tire and Batteries

Rescuemate tires and batteries are backed by a 1-5 year total warranty. If the tire or battery fails or there are any issues with the tire fitting within the first year, you will receive a free replacement, tire vale and safety checks. 

Mobile Tyre Fitting

Eco Friendly Vans with AdBlue

We use AdBlue which is fed into the exhaust of all our vans, reacting with the nitrogen oxide gas produced by the combustion process, breaking it down into harmless nitrogen and oxygen. We are aware that emission levels in cities throughout the UK are at dangerous levels in certain areas.

Free Tire and Battery Disposal

After you have had your tire or battery replaced by Rescuemate, our mobile tire specialist will properly and responsibly dispose of your old tire at no additional cost to you. All tires are receycled – we are an environmentally conscious company aiming to reduce the carbon footprint every day.

How it works

Download the app

Once downloaded simply select “Towing Services” from the app menu, You will then need to book your towing service relevant to your vehicle type. All that is left to do is input your breakdown pickup location and drop off location either your home or car garage.

Mobile Tyre Fitting

request Recovery

You will be able to see pricing prior to confirmation of order, We will then send out your SOS location to nearby recovery agents, once accepted you can track your drivers movement via the app until he arrives with you.

Mobile Tyre Fitting

Back On The Road

The small speed bump in your day is now in the rearview, and you can get back to your life. Kindly let friends and family know about the service and review your RescueMate experience.

How Much Does It Cost?

Rescue Mate ties prices to the level of service needed and always provides a “guaranteed not to exceed” quote to maintain transparency. With Rescue Mate, you pay nothing up front and you only pay for roadside assistance only when you need it.

What Can Rescue Mate
Help You With

Rescue Mate is here to get you running as quickly as possible no matter what the car trouble is. Rescue Mate can help with any roadside assistance need including:

  • Towing
  • Flat Tires (Tire
  • Replacement)
  • Dead Battery (Jump Starts)
  • No Gas
  • Lock outs
  • Stuck Cars (Ditches,
  • Ice, Snow, Mud, Sand, etc.)

No Membership, Guaranteed
Rates & Fast ETA'S

You can’t choose when you’ll need roadside assistance, but when you do, you can choose Rescue Mate. Rescue Mate is your one stop solution for fast, efficient and affordable roadside assistance.

Rescue Mate has no membership fees, so you only pay for what you need and never more. No matter the issue, Rescue Mate can get you back on the road. The service is 24/7 so that you’re always protected. Our rates are also guaranteed. Prices vary depending on the service that is being requested.

There are no hidden fees and you know exactly what you’re going to pay before you order. With a network of thousands of tow truck partners nationwide, Rescue Mate can get to you 50 percent faster than comparable service providers. Rescue Mate works on iOS and Android smartphones and the web.

What Can Rescue Mate
Help You With

If you find yourself in need of help, simply call the number above or open the Rescue Mate app on your smartphone. Start by entering in your location information and basic details about the type of road assistance you need, such as “car wont start” or “tow truck.”.

At this point, Rescue Mate will send you a “guaranteed not to exceed” rate quote, so you know exactly how much you’ll be charged for services. Next, Rescue Mate connects with nearby tow providers who have the correct equipment to assist you. Within minutes, you will receive a text to confirm your request and update you with an ETA. Because we have such a wide network of partners, and we can pinpoint who is nearby, our roadside assistance services are faster than many other roadside assistance clubs. In many areas of the county, motorists can get help in just 30 minutes. You will be texted a link to a receipt when your service is completed. There is no need for any tip.

Rescue Mate is easy to use, sharable, and a simple way to gain extra peace of mind when traveling for work or pleasure. Bookmark the order page and download Rescue Mate today to ensure that you have access to roadside assistance should the need arise.

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