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Rescuemate - Mobile tyre Fitting

Stuck In A Ditch?
Winch Out Help Only £89

Got stuck and cant move? Simply download the app, Tell us your location and sit back and even track your drivers location as they come across to rescue you.

How it works

Download the app

Once downloaded simply select “Breakdown Services” from the app menu, you will then need to choose winch out. All that is left to do is input your breakdown pickup location.

Mobile Tyre Fitting

request Recovery

You will be able to see pricing prior to confirmation of order, We will then send out your SOS location to nearby recovery agents, once accepted you can track your drivers movement via the app until he arrives with you.

Mobile Tyre Fitting

Back On The Road

The small speed bump in your day is now in the rearview, and you can get back to your life. Kindly let friends and family know about the service and review your RescueMate experience.

No Membership, Guaranteed Rates & Fast ETA's

In bad weather conditions, your car can skid off the roadway and end up stuck in a ditch alongside the road. While many drivers are able to drive the car out when conditions are good, pulling a car that’s stuck in mud, snow, or ice is another story. Rescue Mate brings help to you 24/7, putting you back on the road so you can get home to your family faster. Learn how Rescue Mate can help.

Fast Car
Locked Out Help

Rescue Mate connects you to a nationwide network of 55,000 service providers to get you fast help with any motor vehicle need, including car locks outs, flat tires, and emergency towing. With Rescue Mate, there’s no waiting on the phone with customer service, and no calling around to local garages to see if they can send someone to help you when you’re locked out late at night. A free app, Rescue Mate works on iOS and Android smartphones, desktop and laptop.

To get help with Rescue Mate, simply open up the app or click the button above and type in your location information. Then describe the help you need, such as “car locked out.” Rescue Mate will send the information to nearby service providers and will provide you with a “guaranteed not to exceed” service charge quote for help with motor vehicle services. Rescue Mate is dedicated to fairness and transparency and will always be up front about any costs or fees for services requested.

Within minutes, a Rescue Mate-affiliated service provider will call or text you on your mobile phone to confirm that your request has been received and let you know that help is on the way. In many parts of the country, you can get help in just 30 minutes. This will get you back on the road faster and ensure that you aren’t stuck waiting outside the car in the cold.

How Much Does
Rescue Mate Cost

In the instance that you need help getting your car out of a ditch, prices are approximately £80 plus towing fees. Any time you use Rescue Mate, we’ll send you a “guaranteed not to exceed” service quote, so that you know what the price will be and what you are likely to owe before help arrives. If you’ve ever called for help only to find out that it costs double what you expected, you’ll enjoy the transparency that Rescue Mate brings to roadside assistance. Service rates for everything from a jump start to a tow out of a ditch are guaranteed and fair. Since we charge nothing upfront, it’s the perfect pocket solution for any roadside assistance, including getting a car out that’s stuck in a ditch.

Rescue Mate is not tied to your car, so you can use the app to request the same trusted service if you break down when driving a rented car or when you are a passenger in a friend’s car. Rescue Mate can also be shared by all drivers in a household, ensuring that everyone is protected from roadside emergencies. Since we only charge when service is delivered, drivers can readily determine who needs to pay the service charges.

Stay safe wherever life takes you with coast-to-coast emergency vehicle service from Rescue Mate. Download the free app for iOS and Android today.

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