TPMS checks for your fleet

Rescuemate Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) –  a specialist will check your your fleet vehicle pressure and temperature regularly to ensure we keep your fleet moving. With predictive tyre management, problems are detected before they lead to costly repairs or downtime. Whether you are trans­porting passengers or cargo – TPMS helps you ensure you get to your destination safely and on time.

Reduced downtime and lower costs

Do you know?

The right Tyre Pressure Management System can positively impact your finances and safety in numerous ways.


of commercial tyres on the road are signi­fic­antly under­in­flated


increase in fuel consumption can be caused when a tyre is under­-in­flated by 20%*


of tyre-re­lated breakdowns are the result of slow leaks

Rescuemate TPMS helps you

Detect issues before repairs or downtime are needed

Reduce breakdowns and service disruption

Enhance road safety

Save fuel

Optimise tyre mileage

Increase sustain­ab­ility

Fleet tyre management - software solutions

Fleet tire management software to simplify your operations

Boost profits & reduce delays by monitoring your fleet with our fleet management & tracking system.

Whether you’re managing a fast-moving, high-volume fleet or making long hauls to remote locations, our tracking software gives you powerful insights in an intuitive interface to keep your business moving.

Fleet Manager Dashboard & Drivers App

Connect fleet managers to vehicle drivers. Fleet management app/dashboard for managers to monitor delivery requests, real-time status, routes, driver’s activities & client’s reviews. Drivers can see all current & future destinations, pick smart routes, receive communication alerts and mark delivery closures.

GPS vehicle tracking system & Live alerts for customers

Fleet tracking app for customers and fleet managers to monitor fleet status real-time on google maps, thus providing them with an UBER like experience. Keep your customers updated throughout the fleet delivery lifecycle by sending them real-time SMS alerts at various stages. Reduce Vehicle Downtime and boost efficiency with our vehicle tracking software.

Route Optimization reducing run time & cost

Our route optimization engine picks the shortest & fastest routes helping you manage multiple fleets with cost reduction and efficiency. Reduced ETAs on fleet delivery ensure an exceptional client service experience.

Manage Fleet operations with a single Dashboard

Smart dashboard to receive & manage fleet delivery orders from all sources at a single place. Track complete fleet order fulfillment cycle from order received to fleet dispatch to fleet delivery. Take in time actions like sending alerts & reminders as per use cases. Complete fleet management tracking solutions

Fleet availability & Auto dispatch

Monitor fleet availability for order servicing and keep a check on fleet capacity. Map your entire fleet on Manager’s dashboard to check fleet availability and schedules. Advance planning to ensure full capacity utilization and no business loss. Auto dispatch to the idle fleet as per route matches and alerts sent to fleet driver. Complete fleet management solutions.

Ratings & Reviews

Allow your clients to share reviews in an easy, quick & non-intrusive way. Manage ratings for various fleet orders and fleet drivers to make a brand out of your business. Enable customers to share the good word about you on social media & other relevant portals and create some buzz.

Fleet / Driver performance management

Monitor fleet running time, fleet frequencies or number of monthly runs, ratings & reviews, fleet downtime, cases of delays and non fulfilment, and much more to help you take complete control of your business.

Rescuemate Tire fitting Network

Utilise the Rescuemate tyre fitting network with over 765 mobile tire fitters Nationwide.  If one of your fleet vehicles has a flat tire roadside, on the motorway or back at the yard call a dedicated Rescuemate account manger who will assist and get your fleet vehicle back on the road within 60-90 minutes.

Reduced downtime and lower costs
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